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My name is Harrison Mclean and I have had a strong interest in Computers, Science, Electronics and countless other geeky things for as long as I can remember. When someone asks me for help on a Computer or Technology related subject and I don’t know the answer, I hit the books or use Google. I consider this ability to find relevant and useful information to be one of my greatest personal assets. I’m an avid reader and can often be found with my nose in a Science Fiction novel or a Programming textbook, not to mention my addiction to internet news sites such as Slashdot. I have studied non-stop since high school and then worked for several years in retail at a few computer stores as a repair tech and sales staff on top of that, trying to overcome my self doubt and fears to build a unique and independent life for myself.


As I mentioned earlier, I quite like reading and as such I tend to collect books. My shelf space is dominated by Programming books, Electronic and Logic design manuals and Science Fiction novels, if you look closer you’ll even spot a small number of comedy books such as “The Darwin Awards”.I’m also a bit of a tinkerer, I like fiddling around with Electronics and have built a small number of kits, even a Stereo Amplifier which I use to listen to music every day (mainly Coldplay).

Around 2005 my then girlfriend introduced me to the world of Japanese Animation (Anime) and Comics (Manga) and through this I experienced a small part of a unique and interesting foreign culture. I now possess a sizeable collection of comic books, DVDs and a small number of figurines, I also attend conventions like Wai-Con on an annual basis. For those who know what I’m talking about, my favourite animation studio is Gainax and my favourite series is Evangelion. I aspire to one day visit Japan to experience its culture first hand.

On the subject of Television, I grew up watching the hilarious antics of the crew of Red Dwarf, reruns of Get Smart and M*A*S*H, but these days what I really like is the Stargate Franchise, Battlestar Galactica and the new Doctor Who.

From late 2007 and onwards I became involved in the world of Apple and their wonderful products, I have always been aware of their aesthetically pleasing design and ease of use (well, not so much before Steve Jobs came back and introduced the iMac, banishing forever the boring little grey boxes that had nearly driven Apple to financial ruin), but what really made me switch was the level of polish and refinement that went into the release of the (then) latest version of their operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and their earlier decision to switch to x86 compatible hardware. I now own a Macbook Pro (early 2008 model, now 2011 model) an eMac, MDD PowerMac G4, an iBook G4 and an iPhone which I love dearly since it replaced the clutter of an iPod, Phone and a Palm PDA.

I am also a fan of the Open Source movement, I am quite fond of the Linux Operating System due to it’s openness, power and flexibility. My preferred Linux distribution is Debian, although I first started out messing around with Slackware (you don’t get the nice shiny toys until you do the hard work on the old ones :)

I have been working for Winthrop Australia since March 2011 as a Systems Integration Consultant, I enjoy what I do for a living, my current future goal is to purchase a house and move out of my parent's.