Classic Macs

Something I never really covered in my projects section, I own a few 68K Macintoshes that I like to fiddle with for fun.

I currently possess 6 of these computers:
  • A Macintosh SE, currently non-functional due to a logic board issue which is replacement pending.
  • Two Macintosh Classics, one has a case that was smashed/repaired and a broken analog board, the other is in good condition.
  • An LCIII
  • An LC475, which I desire to overclock.
  • A Macintosh IIsi, which runs A/UX 3.0, I literally waited years for an opportunity to get this working.

The Classic I mention as being smashed was repaired with what materials I had available to me at the time, mainly metal plate and some bolts and nuts.
I call this the Frankenmac, since it was repaired and brought back to life with some case parts from another mac and other things.


Notice the screen bezel is completely cracked in half,
the back half of the case literally holds the front in by friction alone,
as there are no screws, although I have found this to be sufficient.


My metalworking has never been wonderful.


As you can see, the handle is no longer present since that part was damaged
my ability to work metal was limited enough that making a replacement
was not really an option.