Too Late for Coffee, Too Early for Alcohol

Been having lots of fun working, Helena College is a great place to work, a bit of a hike for me but otherwise it is good.

Did a one to one laptop night for parents who wanted a little more info on their student’s laptops, I was there with my co-workers to answer any technical questions and provide advice, got to handle a few myself and did quite well.

I’ve been listening to a lot of NOFX lately, enough that sometimes I’ll start humming the tune of one of their sillier songs while doing whatever I’m doing.
I’m quite fond of “I Heard They Suck” and “They’ve Actually Gotten Worse”, both are live albums.

Got into doing nerf blaster stuff lately, I’ve brought a few blasters already and naturally, I’ve modded them for better performance/awesomeness.

I guess I’m just having a good time lately.