Servers and Hurr-Durrs

I’ve been busy, like, actually busy, not like what you say when people ask you what’s been happening, but actually busy getting my life back In order.

I interviewed with Winthrop Australia and got an offer immediately, I then proceeded to PARTY HARD for a day or so and then got ready to be a serious mac tech person.

Since then I’ve done a week’s work at a school out near Mundaring, the teachers are nice and the school’s IT staff I’m working with are pretty cool.
It’s a pretty far drive and I’ll be doing it for at least 3 months, but that’s the only downside I’ve encountered so I’m not complaining.
I’m very happy where I am right now and I hope this job continues for as long as I want it to.

Fixed up a few things on my car, got some new gadgets and now I’m looking at that new macbook pro model that just came out with hungry eyes, I could really use a new laptop.

I’m hoping to have my vodaphone contract cancelled without any penalties or fees within the next week due to unsatisfactory service, that and I want to get a new plan elsewhere and not pay an arm and a leg like I currently am, I also want a new iPhone 4, my 3G S is a little too slow and low on battery capacity for my taste now.