Pandemic 2 Strategy

I have been sick the last 4 days, it really sucks when it hurts to even swallow, let alone breathe.
While browsing in my fevered state I remembered a little flash game I’d played ages ago, did some searching on google and found it again.
Funny thing is this is a game about making a disease and trying to infect as many people as possible.
Here’s a link to a copy of it.

Anyways, to make things simple I worked out this strategy to wipe out the entire population and posted it on /b/ (in a less refined form) last night:

beating this is easy.
Pick Bacteria.
Remove all symptoms.
Buy heat resistance all the way to the max.
Buy Drug resistance to level 2, NO FURTHER or the world will panic and Madagascar will SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN.
You may get a message saying that research on a vaccine has started, follow the next step to seal their doom!
Once every country has got some people infected (infected countries on the world screen should have every country listed), buy drug resistance to the max.
Now every country should be shutting down it’s hospitals due to being unable to treat the infected, this should also halt vaccine research, its pretty much just waiting for your evolution points to get high enough to deploy a lethal symptom now.
Enjoy making the entire world shit itself simultaneously when you buy the diarrhoea symptom, then finish them off with something nasty, like necrosis or liver failure. Even better than that, use only symptoms that would turn the population into zombies: necrosis, insanity, sores and ataxia are a good start.

Anyway, try it, it’s good world destroying fun!
By the way, you may notice the high score board for this game is occupied by some totally tasteless references to the swine flu that is making the news lately.