Radeon HD4770 Oh Wow!

My condition has improved today, throat not as bad as it was yesterday, though I’m still coughing and hacking up phlegm.
Anyway, on to today’s little subject!
I’ve been eyeing some upgrades for my ailing little crap-box of a gaming machine, mainly a new Case (I have a generic beige piece of crap case) and Graphics Cards, my main focus has been on the Nvidia 9800 GT, but this morning I have been reading about AMD’s new entry level card that seems to handle just about everything you throw at it quite well, the Radeon HD4770 (Review on PC Perspective here). We’re talking playing left 4 dead at 1600 x 1200 at 4xAA and 16XAF and getting an average of 75 Frames per second, all in a sub $100 card.
Best yet, this Card is using new 40nm process silicon, so it’s going to be the cheapest card for AMD to produce yet, and they’ve also beaten CPU manufacturers to the punch with this technology, which is another first.
I’m still tempted to just get a 9800GT, having support for CUDA and PhysX would be nice, especially since I have UT3, but if anyone asks me for recommendations, I guess the HD4770 would be a very good one to make.