Apple Tablet Rumors

Well, over the last... well ever since the demise of the newton really, there have been murmurs of a new apple tablet, and with the advent of the iPhone this was temporarily forgotten, but now, two years since that, the chatter has gotten deafening, it’s almost unbearable seeing news article after news article all dedicated to speculating on a device that might not even happen. To be honest, I don’t think apple needs a tablet right now. But they do have a more obvious hole in their product line... A mid range desktop tower machine. Ever since the demise of the PowerMac G4, there hasn’t really been a mid range tower for the user that does not desire an iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook.
“What about the Mac Pro?” you ask? That’s always been a high end workstation, and expensive too, it is a tower, sure, but the price point and features offered do not suit the everyday consumer. Apple needs to fill this hole, if they do, they’ll see more gains in their computer sales, because they’ll be giving people what they want, which is the middle ground.

Elsewhere, I’m doing the final checks on the Hex display Schematic, I’ll most likely post it at the end of this day after the festivities, consider it my christmas present to the electronically minded amongst my small number of readers :)