As clarification...

I'm not working full time at the moment, I'm a callout technician for Apple Macintosh and PCs running Windows (I also do linux!). I quit because I'm a total headcase and I have issues that need to be sorted out, stuff from when I was in school, stuff from before I was in school, I was in a dire state when I quit but now I'm on my way to being better.

On another note, I revisited a thing from my past just now, my geek code block!:

Version: 3.1
GAT d? s+:- a-- C++ UL++ P+ L++ E---- W+++ N o? K? w++
O M+ V? PS+ PE Y+ !PGP t+ 5? X R- tv-- b++ DI+ D+
G e+ h r y+

Looking a bit sad, the old geek code, I used to be aiming for a bachelor's degree, I used to be dating a wonderful person (fuck knows what I was thinking not being a better person for her, still beating myself up about that), I used to have a certain future. Now I'm not entirely sure.
Oh well, just concentrate on the here and now I guess.

The pain of my loss will become the strength of never repeating those mistakes again.