Integrating Systems, Stand By...

“I’ve been busy” is an understatement, the last 3 months I have been all over the Southwest area at many different schools, installing, configuring, integrating.

Overall things have been going well for me, no work drama, no social drama, my financial situation is stable, family has been good too.
It’s almost boring, not quite, but almost.

The only real complaint I guess I have is that my love life is deader than Bill Clinton’s presidential prospects.

I’m flying to Kalgoorlie next week to do some work up there, I’ll be gone the entire week, not sure how things are gonna go with that job, the support from the school’s staff is somewhat lacking right now, but that may improve when I arrive.

I’m also on a weekly support contract with a school near Cockburn, I use the server room as my office, it’s comfortable here with the air-conditioning and a little peace and quiet to get things done.

Once again, I’m doing all right.