Theme Update

Behold, I have updated my site’s theme to be more in keeping with the current state of the Mac OS user interface, new graphics that look like Lion’s are now being used.

I have also fiddled around with some positioning and margins, padding and the like to make the menus look better.


A lot has changed in the last 5 months, I’ve toured around the southwest, setting up, fixing and supporting Mac users in schools in this region. Now, as things slow down and with the government funding for laptops growing scarce, I’ve been placed in a school as a full time technician, specifically Rockingham Senior High School.

The commute is easy, the staff are nice people, the department’s SOE4 environment is a pain in the ass, but all things considered, I’m enjoying this position. Not to mention the fact that I am practically running the school’s IT department by myself, which is quite an achievement.

Now that I’ve stated all of that, I’m ready to make some more regular blog posts on this site, and I’d really like to share some of the things I have learned over the last year or so, which mainly consists of scripting, package creation, small software development and other technical hurdles I have surmounted to get the job done, there’s lots of cool little tips and tricks that you pick up as a Systems Integrator and I want to share what I know.

I think that’s everything, at any rate, I’ve got to get back to doing a wireless survey now.

Classic Macs

Something I never really covered in my projects section, I own a few 68K Macintoshes that I like to fiddle with for fun.

I currently possess 6 of these computers:
  • A Macintosh SE, currently non-functional due to a logic board issue which is replacement pending.
  • Two Macintosh Classics, one has a case that was smashed/repaired and a broken analog board, the other is in good condition.
  • An LCIII
  • An LC475, which I desire to overclock.
  • A Macintosh IIsi, which runs A/UX 3.0, I literally waited years for an opportunity to get this working.

The Classic I mention as being smashed was repaired with what materials I had available to me at the time, mainly metal plate and some bolts and nuts.
I call this the Frankenmac, since it was repaired and brought back to life with some case parts from another mac and other things.


Notice the screen bezel is completely cracked in half,
the back half of the case literally holds the front in by friction alone,
as there are no screws, although I have found this to be sufficient.


My metalworking has never been wonderful.


As you can see, the handle is no longer present since that part was damaged
my ability to work metal was limited enough that making a replacement
was not really an option.

Too Late for Coffee, Too Early for Alcohol

Been having lots of fun working, Helena College is a great place to work, a bit of a hike for me but otherwise it is good.

Did a one to one laptop night for parents who wanted a little more info on their student’s laptops, I was there with my co-workers to answer any technical questions and provide advice, got to handle a few myself and did quite well.

I’ve been listening to a lot of NOFX lately, enough that sometimes I’ll start humming the tune of one of their sillier songs while doing whatever I’m doing.
I’m quite fond of “I Heard They Suck” and “They’ve Actually Gotten Worse”, both are live albums.

Got into doing nerf blaster stuff lately, I’ve brought a few blasters already and naturally, I’ve modded them for better performance/awesomeness.

I guess I’m just having a good time lately.

New Macbook

Got my new macbook pro yesterday, ran software update and did a migration over firewire 800, seems to be pretty fast.
I’d love to be able to make use of the thunderbolt port, but there’s no peripherals for it yet.

iPhone 4

It has the three gee and the wye fyes.
And now I have one too.
I’ve been taking HDR photos with the camera, SHIT WAS SO CASH.

Tomtom doesn’t suck down battery anymore, screen is sharp and clear, just awesome.

Servers and Hurr-Durrs

I’ve been busy, like, actually busy, not like what you say when people ask you what’s been happening, but actually busy getting my life back In order.

I interviewed with Winthrop Australia and got an offer immediately, I then proceeded to PARTY HARD for a day or so and then got ready to be a serious mac tech person.

Since then I’ve done a week’s work at a school out near Mundaring, the teachers are nice and the school’s IT staff I’m working with are pretty cool.
It’s a pretty far drive and I’ll be doing it for at least 3 months, but that’s the only downside I’ve encountered so I’m not complaining.
I’m very happy where I am right now and I hope this job continues for as long as I want it to.

Fixed up a few things on my car, got some new gadgets and now I’m looking at that new macbook pro model that just came out with hungry eyes, I could really use a new laptop.

I’m hoping to have my vodaphone contract cancelled without any penalties or fees within the next week due to unsatisfactory service, that and I want to get a new plan elsewhere and not pay an arm and a leg like I currently am, I also want a new iPhone 4, my 3G S is a little too slow and low on battery capacity for my taste now.

My LAN Setup

I’ve posted an explanation of what setup I’m using for the internet connection and LAN in my parent’s house, it’s pretty bland and dry without pictures, so I’ll add some when I’m on a better connection, posting from your laptop connected to an iPhone with tethering sucks.


Apple Tablet Rumors

Well, over the last... well ever since the demise of the newton really, there have been murmurs of a new apple tablet, and with the advent of the iPhone this was temporarily forgotten, but now, two years since that, the chatter has gotten deafening, it’s almost unbearable seeing news article after news article all dedicated to speculating on a device that might not even happen. To be honest, I don’t think apple needs a tablet right now. But they do have a more obvious hole in their product line... A mid range desktop tower machine. Ever since the demise of the PowerMac G4, there hasn’t really been a mid range tower for the user that does not desire an iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook.
“What about the Mac Pro?” you ask? That’s always been a high end workstation, and expensive too, it is a tower, sure, but the price point and features offered do not suit the everyday consumer. Apple needs to fill this hole, if they do, they’ll see more gains in their computer sales, because they’ll be giving people what they want, which is the middle ground.

Elsewhere, I’m doing the final checks on the Hex display Schematic, I’ll most likely post it at the end of this day after the festivities, consider it my christmas present to the electronically minded amongst my small number of readers :)