For Sale

Okay, I’ve got some stuff I want to sell, if you calls dibs on something and you can cough up the cash for it, you can have it.
I’m not posting pics, everything I’m selling is in good condition, new or just slightly dusty.

Why not cash converters?

Because they will rip me off and then sell for 300% of what they paid me, also they don’t accept much of what I bring in...
Also, I don’t get any government bills to my address, so I can’t verify my address with them... idiots.

Why not eBay?

Because I honestly can’t be bothered, and I’d rather sell in person, get cash and not be charged a listing fee.

Everything I’m selling works just fine I’m not gonna sell shitty stuff, all the same there is no warranty and no refunds.
I’m very serious about this, don’t screw me around I need the money for bills and stuff, make sure you actually want what you’re buying.

Now on with the selling!

Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-M55SLI-S4 with 6000+ CPU and RAM PRE-INSTALLED

This is a socket AM2 (NOT AM2+) motherboard, has four PC-6400 slots, NVidia SLI ready.
Comes with a Athlon X2 6000+ CPU, 2GB of GEIL PC-6400 RAM installed. The only thing this would need is a GPU, Case, HDD and PSU to get it up and running.
The only reason I don’t want it is because I upgraded, the board has been maxed out, extra RAM wasn’t gonna speed things up, the cpu is the fastest you can get for it without getting a new board or buying a second hand black edition cpu, it runs windows 7 quite nicely.
Stick a few nvidia cards in it and you’ll have a nice budget gaming rig.
Comes in the original box with the little SLI adaptor board and back panel face plate for case.
If you want SATA or IDE cables, I can probably find some, but I’m not making any guarantees.

I don’t think I can let it go for anything less than $200, it’s still a good board.

iPod Touch First Generation, 16GB

This was my first decent music player, it’s been great to use, but I have an iPhone 3GS which has reduced the number of devices I carry around to one. Comes in the original box with all accessories, including an additional Belkin hardcase and wall changer.
Has a few minor dings to the case, but otherwise in excellent condition, battery life is still good.

I’m gonna say $180 for this one.

Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

This is the original “UFO” Airport Extreme base station, comes with EVERYTHING it shipped with in the original box:
  • Base Station
  • Wall/Roof Mounting Bracket
  • Power Supply Brick (the cable on this thing is VERY long compared to other wireless APs)
  • Manual
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Software CD (this is out of date now, just download the airport software from apple’s site)
  • Bonus 3rd party external antenna with built in mounting bracket, this thing used to retail for $100 when new.
Will work with the current airport base station admin software on Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard and on Windows.
I’m selling this because I have about 4 airport express stations in a mesh configuration which provide excellent coverage in my family’s house now.

I would like $100 for this, it’s a pretty good little wireless base station.

Season 2 and Season 3 of GET SMART, in slim pack dvd cases

Digitally remastered, 5 disks per season.
Season 2 has been opened, first disk was viewed, other than that, they’re unused and scratch free, Season 3 is still in the shrink-wrap.
I brought these for $50 each from borders about a year ago, they’re still new.

Digitor MP3 CD Player (We’re getting to the flea market crap now!)

I dunno, it has been sitting on a shelf for 6 years now, It’ll play up to 320kbps, CBR only MP3s I just want to be rid of it without chucking it in the bin, it will display ID3 tags, has a bass boost switch, it got me through senior high, then I got a 1GB iPod Nano. Has 120 second cache for anti-skip.

$20, I don’t know why I’m even bothering.

OPEN Networks iConnect 612 ADSL 2/2+ Router

This came from a customer, they wanted a wireless modem/router, so I replaced it and they gave me the original one.
It’s got a ton of connection options, it’ll do PPPoE, PPPoA, two different types of bridging, etc... it’s pretty versatile.
Also has a basic QOS implementation.
Comes with everything in a box, default IP address and login for web interface are written on the bottom of the modem.
Can be used for a dumb ADSL to Ethernet Bridge for your linux based router!

$20, It’s better than spending $90 on a Linksys AM300 which looks similar and does less than this thing.