I need content

I need content, god damn, stop being so lazy harri...

Photos from the last week

Busy week, it’s been.
I worked for 2 full days, uploaded part of a website I’m working on, scrounged around for cool stuff during hard rubbish collection and converted my linux router to use compactflash!

boofhead breaking a mailbox
Here’s mcroaring great boofhead, managing to move the lid on a mailbox, we left quickly after that...

I finally got my compactflash to IDE adaptor, so I can replace the noisy hard disk in my router.

I salvaged this awesome speaker box (and three more) during hard rubbish collection, this is my subwoofer’s new box now.

And finally... I HAD to post this, george having fun on a backless roller chair!

Photo Equipment

I got a Light Tent and some true white photographic lights for some work I’m doing at the moment, cost me $150 on eBay, not bad for the quality I got. I have taken a few test shots, here’s the best one so far:

My iPhone

So, now I have some decent picture taking equipment, I decided to do some new photos of some of the existing things on this site.
The 20 Watt Amplifier has some new, nice pics taken of it, go check it out!

Hurp Durp

Something amazing has happened, I was able to afford replacing my somewhat outdated computer’s motherboard, RAM and CPU.
Here are the specs:

AMD X4 925 CPU, 8MB Cache, 2.8Ghz
Asus M4A785T-M MB, Has onboard ATI GPU with hybrid Crossfire X support, will go well with my HD4850
Ram is Corsair TW3X2G1600C9D, That’s 2GB at 1600Mhz, DDR3.

The distributor I ordered from told me that the RAM is on backorder on Thursday, and they said it could arrive on Monday/Tuesday. I’m hoping for Monday. I didn’t want to downgrade to crappier RAM or spend anything more (My budget is pretty small, but I managed to get a discount), so I said I’d wait.

LAN Party Date


Also, I noticed the QDB code was outdated and buggy as hell, so I’m doing a code audit, don’t expect to see the source anytime soon still though, it IS crap compared to my more recent PHP stuff.

My LAN Setup

I’ve posted an explanation of what setup I’m using for the internet connection and LAN in my parent’s house, it’s pretty bland and dry without pictures, so I’ll add some when I’m on a better connection, posting from your laptop connected to an iPhone with tethering sucks.



I’m bored!
Nothing to post, but I feel like I should anyway.

I might write up about the setup I use to get my internet at home, it’s pretty awesome, but it’ll have to wait until another day for now.

It is done!

I’ve finally uploaded the Hex Display Schematics, there is also a timing diagram which illustrates how the clock signals work and a diagram of the 7 segment display I have used, and how each output corresponds to the physical display.

Enjoy! :)

Apple Tablet Rumors

Well, over the last... well ever since the demise of the newton really, there have been murmurs of a new apple tablet, and with the advent of the iPhone this was temporarily forgotten, but now, two years since that, the chatter has gotten deafening, it’s almost unbearable seeing news article after news article all dedicated to speculating on a device that might not even happen. To be honest, I don’t think apple needs a tablet right now. But they do have a more obvious hole in their product line... A mid range desktop tower machine. Ever since the demise of the PowerMac G4, there hasn’t really been a mid range tower for the user that does not desire an iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook.
“What about the Mac Pro?” you ask? That’s always been a high end workstation, and expensive too, it is a tower, sure, but the price point and features offered do not suit the everyday consumer. Apple needs to fill this hole, if they do, they’ll see more gains in their computer sales, because they’ll be giving people what they want, which is the middle ground.

Elsewhere, I’m doing the final checks on the Hex display Schematic, I’ll most likely post it at the end of this day after the festivities, consider it my christmas present to the electronically minded amongst my small number of readers :)

Hex Display Schematic

I’ve nearly finished the hex display schematic, just need to set up name labels for all the parts, do a second and third error check and document some small things concerning the 7 segment displays I used. It’s only after all this fiddling around with these things, that I realised that I could have replaced the 74LS393 and all the crystal oscillator stuff with a 555 timer set to around 400Hz at a 50% duty cycle, 5 volts max peak. Oh well, it’s because I wanted to learn about how to build a crystal based oscillator and how dividers worked at the time...

Maybe if I ever do a prettied up professional board for this that I’ll consider using a smaller, more efficient design. Replace the j-k configured d-flip flops with proper J-K ones, replace crystal and divider with a 555, that might even remove the need for the 74LS04 acting like a buffer, as long as proper JK flip-flops can source enough current to toggle those transistors, I wonder If I can find an identical common anode display, as the one I used I found in a photocopier, many years ago now.

Goodbye, Waroona

Congratulations to Mary on finally coming back to Mandurah, I don’t think anybody will ever miss either driving to or living in Waroona, as it is a hole.


RFLan was a little bit crap for me, the power went out about 3 times, the other gamers were immature and rude (you know who you are, blue hat wearing douchebag) and the venue was a bit... inadequate, when it came to climate control (it was stinking hot and humid even with the aircon on).
At least trent “lathiat” lloyd was there and I got to catch up with him, “he’s a pretty cool guy, eh, hacks his car with arduino and doesnt afraid of anything”.

I’ve posted the schematics for the Logic Probe, I would like to make a limited run of these on silk-screened boards with two layers of copper, but I’m not rushing to do it since it would cost me about $100 US to get 9 boards made with ExpressPCB, and that’s not counting the costs of components. Does anyone know a good PCB manufacturing company that will do very small runs for hobbyists, they can be international, or australian, although obviously I would prefer something closer to home to cut down on shipping costs. I just want to go where I can get the best value for money for my own needs. If you have any info, please contact me on my “Contact me” email link at the bottom of the page.

Going Away

FIrst things first, the build log for the subwoofer is complete for now, until I paint it anyways...

Now, I’m going away to RFLan for the weekend with ryan, mary and mark as a team, I’ll finish everything I need to do from monday onwards, should be able to post some of the promised schematics soon!.

New Project Completed

The 150 watt subwoofer I have been working on is complete, bar a sanding and paint job (I think I’ll paint it red and call it a Red Box)
I’ll be pulling together the writeup from my facebook photograph posts overt the next week or so (because I’m a slackass lol)

Active Subwoofer Box Project

I've been working on a small, 150W subwoofer box, based on a triple LM3886 mono amplifier, I try and take photos daily on my facebook account.
If I don't friend you or you cant get to them, have no fear!
I will be editing all the content and then adding it under the projects page, hopefully this will be the most detail I have ever given about a project, If this method is good enough, I'm gonna keep using it.

Wishlist Added!

So yeah, I added a wish list up the top, might move it to the "About Me" section later.
I might be able to achieve the "iPhone 3GS" wish within the next 4-5 weeks, if I keep working and saving up.
Update: I have my new iPhone 3gs now, I'm with vodaphone.

Wageslave once again!

My good friend ryan got me a job at a computer store the other day, I'm running the place while the boss does what he has to do.
Emmx computers is the name, it's ok, pretty quiet, the major plus is that they have a massive internet connection, 24Mbps.

Meh, wish I had more to write, gonna go watch some streaming television now :p


I’ve been busy on friday nights with the “Otaku Anime Brigade” an Anime club in Mandurah. I’ve now managed to make a small group of friends, so I’m happy even if I’m between jobs.
We went driving around mandurah on Friday night, got bogged near Secret Harbor (stupid unmarked road!) and then just chilled in a carpark until 6 AM on the foreshore. It was awesome.

After this I was totally out of it, so I just drove home and went to bed for what would end up being 13 hours. Got up again, drove to Waroona with my brother and Ryan, dropped my brother off at home, drove BACK out to waroona again, stayed the night. According to Ryan’s girlfirend Mary, “HARRY IS AN ANGRY MAN AND HE HATES ME”.

I need to be less lazy and post more.

Also, Chris is a REDACTED.

Business Revisited

Well, the last month or so has seen some things pick up for me.
I have some irregular mobile tech work for former customers of HiMac of Mandurah, so I’m surviving on that.
I have found the drive to revive my efforts to work as a mobile apple technician, either for myself or as a subcontractor and will be negotiating with a reseller for a potential contract covering a large part of the peel region very soon (it’s early days, so I can’t say too much)
I wanted to do more tinkering in the shed, and write up the results here, but can’t find the motivation to do so while my career is in its current state.
At the beginning of the next month, I’d like to attend the Supanova Pop culture expo in Perth, hopefully It’ll be similar to wai-con (except bigger) and I’ll have a good time.

Here’s a project I have been sitting on since March, it’s the best project in electronics I’ve done so far.

The other day I brought some coloured contact lenses, the purpose for which I will not say EVER.
Here’s a picture

Radeon HD4770 Oh Wow!

My condition has improved today, throat not as bad as it was yesterday, though I’m still coughing and hacking up phlegm.
Anyway, on to today’s little subject!
I’ve been eyeing some upgrades for my ailing little crap-box of a gaming machine, mainly a new Case (I have a generic beige piece of crap case) and Graphics Cards, my main focus has been on the Nvidia 9800 GT, but this morning I have been reading about AMD’s new entry level card that seems to handle just about everything you throw at it quite well, the Radeon HD4770 (Review on PC Perspective here). We’re talking playing left 4 dead at 1600 x 1200 at 4xAA and 16XAF and getting an average of 75 Frames per second, all in a sub $100 card.
Best yet, this Card is using new 40nm process silicon, so it’s going to be the cheapest card for AMD to produce yet, and they’ve also beaten CPU manufacturers to the punch with this technology, which is another first.
I’m still tempted to just get a 9800GT, having support for CUDA and PhysX would be nice, especially since I have UT3, but if anyone asks me for recommendations, I guess the HD4770 would be a very good one to make.

New Job

I decided to scrap my plans for a business, since I’m still inexperienced.
What I’ve done instead is I managed to get a Traineeship at Wizard Electronics, It’s a little hard since I’ve been working with Macs for the last year or so, but I’ll get used to it eventually.
I’m not feeling too wonderful about it since it feels like I’ve wasted my time getting that Apple Tech Certification and not being able to find a reseller who actually needs a tech.
Hopefully I’ll go well, but I’m not feeling too confident right now.

My own business?

Since I last posted a few things have happened, I obtained my ACMT certification and now own a car, it’s a 1997 Nissan Pulsar with only 160,000 km on the odometer. I’ve spent about $800 getting it serviced, wheel alignment, rotation, new battery and still need to get a small oil leak checked and radiator flushed this coming Monday.

More importantly, since I now am qualified to repair Apple computers in warranty under a reseller, I am considering registering to become an apple reseller so I can do call out work as my own business. Like a mobile Apple Mac technician. A lot of details need to be worked out still though.

First Post

Well, what do we have here?
I finally decided on a way to establish a decent, well thought out online presence.
This will hopefully be the first of many blog posts, but I’m still not entirely convinced that I shouldn’t just use WordPress and Twitter instead.
For the time being I will continue using RapidWeaver and it’s built in blogging system, and reassess my options later.