For Sale

Okay, I’ve got some stuff I want to sell, if you calls dibs on something and you can cough up the cash for it, you can have it.
I’m not posting pics, everything I’m selling is in good condition, new or just slightly dusty.

Why not cash converters?

Because they will rip me off and then sell for 300% of what they paid me, also they don’t accept much of what I bring in...
Also, I don’t get any government bills to my address, so I can’t verify my address with them... idiots.

Why not eBay?

Because I honestly can’t be bothered, and I’d rather sell in person, get cash and not be charged a listing fee.

Everything I’m selling works just fine I’m not gonna sell shitty stuff, all the same there is no warranty and no refunds.
I’m very serious about this, don’t screw me around I need the money for bills and stuff, make sure you actually want what you’re buying.

Now on with the selling!

Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-M55SLI-S4 with 6000+ CPU and RAM PRE-INSTALLED

This is a socket AM2 (NOT AM2+) motherboard, has four PC-6400 slots, NVidia SLI ready.
Comes with a Athlon X2 6000+ CPU, 2GB of GEIL PC-6400 RAM installed. The only thing this would need is a GPU, Case, HDD and PSU to get it up and running.
The only reason I don’t want it is because I upgraded, the board has been maxed out, extra RAM wasn’t gonna speed things up, the cpu is the fastest you can get for it without getting a new board or buying a second hand black edition cpu, it runs windows 7 quite nicely.
Stick a few nvidia cards in it and you’ll have a nice budget gaming rig.
Comes in the original box with the little SLI adaptor board and back panel face plate for case.
If you want SATA or IDE cables, I can probably find some, but I’m not making any guarantees.

I don’t think I can let it go for anything less than $200, it’s still a good board.

iPod Touch First Generation, 16GB

This was my first decent music player, it’s been great to use, but I have an iPhone 3GS which has reduced the number of devices I carry around to one. Comes in the original box with all accessories, including an additional Belkin hardcase and wall changer.
Has a few minor dings to the case, but otherwise in excellent condition, battery life is still good.

I’m gonna say $180 for this one.

Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

This is the original “UFO” Airport Extreme base station, comes with EVERYTHING it shipped with in the original box:
  • Base Station
  • Wall/Roof Mounting Bracket
  • Power Supply Brick (the cable on this thing is VERY long compared to other wireless APs)
  • Manual
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Software CD (this is out of date now, just download the airport software from apple’s site)
  • Bonus 3rd party external antenna with built in mounting bracket, this thing used to retail for $100 when new.
Will work with the current airport base station admin software on Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard and on Windows.
I’m selling this because I have about 4 airport express stations in a mesh configuration which provide excellent coverage in my family’s house now.

I would like $100 for this, it’s a pretty good little wireless base station.

Season 2 and Season 3 of GET SMART, in slim pack dvd cases

Digitally remastered, 5 disks per season.
Season 2 has been opened, first disk was viewed, other than that, they’re unused and scratch free, Season 3 is still in the shrink-wrap.
I brought these for $50 each from borders about a year ago, they’re still new.

Digitor MP3 CD Player (We’re getting to the flea market crap now!)

I dunno, it has been sitting on a shelf for 6 years now, It’ll play up to 320kbps, CBR only MP3s I just want to be rid of it without chucking it in the bin, it will display ID3 tags, has a bass boost switch, it got me through senior high, then I got a 1GB iPod Nano. Has 120 second cache for anti-skip.

$20, I don’t know why I’m even bothering.

OPEN Networks iConnect 612 ADSL 2/2+ Router

This came from a customer, they wanted a wireless modem/router, so I replaced it and they gave me the original one.
It’s got a ton of connection options, it’ll do PPPoE, PPPoA, two different types of bridging, etc... it’s pretty versatile.
Also has a basic QOS implementation.
Comes with everything in a box, default IP address and login for web interface are written on the bottom of the modem.
Can be used for a dumb ADSL to Ethernet Bridge for your linux based router!

$20, It’s better than spending $90 on a Linksys AM300 which looks similar and does less than this thing.

Photo Equipment

I got a Light Tent and some true white photographic lights for some work I’m doing at the moment, cost me $150 on eBay, not bad for the quality I got. I have taken a few test shots, here’s the best one so far:

My iPhone

So, now I have some decent picture taking equipment, I decided to do some new photos of some of the existing things on this site.
The 20 Watt Amplifier has some new, nice pics taken of it, go check it out!

My LAN Setup

I’ve posted an explanation of what setup I’m using for the internet connection and LAN in my parent’s house, it’s pretty bland and dry without pictures, so I’ll add some when I’m on a better connection, posting from your laptop connected to an iPhone with tethering sucks.


Electronic Hacker Junk #1

What I’d like to do from now on is post an article every now and then about cool junk I’ve managed to obtain, stuff that an electronics hacker would like.

Yesterday I managed to get my hands on my younger brother’s dead xbox 360, now that’s not too exciting, as a dead xbox 360 is about as common as water (BURN!), but this one did not succumb to the red ring of death due to a manufacturing fault, it was due to his excessive zeal with a screwdriver that this piece of hardware met it’s end. Now the console itself yielded a few good heat sinks, fans and capacitors but that’s about it as I’m not interested in SMD components.
The power supply brick is useful though, it’s capable of putting out 12 V at 16A (so ~192W) it’s like a PC power supply, you short the two flat pins at the top of the connector (connecting 5VSB to the trigger line) which powers the supply on, (don’t do this without looking at the pinout please, this was what I had to do for MY one, but other model xboxes may have differently configured plug.
I managed to salvage the power socket from the xbox itself, so I won’t have to cut the end off the power brick’s cable to connect it to anything, which makes things simple for me. Now I just need to make a breakout board with a power switch and connection terminals, I’ll have a Lab Power Supply Brick.

I also managed to find two matching pairs of hard drives, which I have taken the lids off of and located easy connection points for the voice actuator coils, why you ask? To turn them into Hard Drive Speakers! It’s really only for fun. Might have to save that for the weekend though.

Apple's Stigma of the 90's

As I’ve interacted with PC users of various ages (mostly my own customers), I’ve noticed a disturbing and unsettling trend amongst them.
None of them have noticed that Apple is actually a PC company now, only their software is truly different, and even that’s not different, since it’s just FreeBSD with an OpenGL powered User Interface, that really, isn’t all that different from Windows in it’s basic operation.
Unfortunately, during the 90’s, Apple went through a Dark Ages of sorts, not helped by Steve Jobs being forced to leave the company in 1985 due to struggles with then CEO John Scully, he rejoined the company in 1997, but by then the damage had been done. That decade had been marked by boring grey boxes which were underpowered, overpriced (the performa line of computers was dreadful) and lacked software that would drive mass adoption by the general consumer.
A decade of bad decision after bad decision had left apple running on fumes, and they were just about destroyed by the proliferation of PC clones, running on an intel compatible x86 architecture, they were cheap, powerful and easily upgradable, but they ran DOS or early versions of Microsoft Windows, which had one weakness that was Apple’s strength.
They had this lifeline advantage that sustained them... the graphics were unbeatable, if you were in the print and/or design businesses, you weren’t serious unless you had a Mac, this advantage still lives on in Apple computers today. When jobs returned to the company, Apple had gotten so desperate to compete that they had committed the sin of allowing mac clones, more boring grey boxes that threatened to dilute the company’s image and confuse its product line with excess variety and no clear purpose. Steve stopped this, the clone makers lost their licenses. What he needed was something like no computer ever seen before, simple, easy to use, powerful, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, iconic.
The answer, came in the form of the iMac.
Everyone can remember what the original iMac looks like, most people can draw surprisingly similar pictures of it. It has become a part of the cultural memory, and every year since then apple have updated their now cutting edge product line with new designs, more power, better software and like before, excellent graphics.

But it’s not so simple, because not only has culture remembered the iMac, the culture has remembered the sins of Apple during the early to mid 90’s. It has left a stigma on the company, so deep that some people still remember that “A Mac can’t run windows” or “A Mac is not as powerful” or “A Mac’s software is completely different from Microsoft’s software, it’s not as intuitive” or “A Mac uses expensive, proprietary peripherals” or “A mac has no first party backup solution”, they don’t even consider Apple’s products because of what happened 15 years previous. Cultural memory has worked for and against apple, but considering their ever growing (slowly, but still growing) market share, and as the irrational mac haters get older and memories of the sins start to fade, things can only get better for the company. Not to mention the iPod, iPhone and iTunes, by making these products, Apple have ensured their long term survival, and not just survival, their long term prosperity and innovation and cultural icon status has also been assured with every advance.

In short, don’t listen to the haters, Apple have good things going for them.

When I wrote this, iTunes was nearing 10 billion songs purchased.

Some minor research for the facts quoted here were done to prepare this article, but it is mostly from what I have observed about those who dislike or are unenlightened about Apple.

Garage Lan, Release Candidate

Ok, as you might well already know, Garage Lan was a success, for the most part.
Where I failed was in the area of consistent, all-night entertainment.
I knew I’d lost most of you guys when you started playing RO, as you were bored with everything else.
I know you guys love playing your MMORPGs, and that’s fine, but it was a telling sign that I wasn’t doing my job as host properly.

So, to rectify that, I’m recommending these games for the next event (there will be another event, probably the first saturday of march, but it could be sooner!).
PLEASE EMAIL ME, FACEBOOK, PHONE, ETC.. if you have any more good ones for this list, I think we need some more. I do check my messages daily.

  • Quake 3 Arena (V1.32 please, make sure you have the latest point release)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (since most people have mentioned this one, it’s the main game we’ll probably be playing, a must have)
  • Soldat (It’s a 2D Multiplayer shooter, get version 1.5)
  • HalfLife 2: Deathmatch (I’ll explain this one in greater depth below as a lot of people seem to have some misinformed ideas about steam and HL2)

I’ll explain the inclusion of HL2DM. Anyone can get it. This makes it a FREE GAME that is EASY TO GET through legitimate means. It also happens to be well balanced, simple, and fun, while allowing for more advanced play too. (also, you haven’t fragged someone until you’ve done it by hitting them with a toilet, trust me it’s F*&KING HILARIOUS)

I HIGHLY suggest getting a steam account, games are often discounted on holidays and promotional periods, pre-orders are easy and save you money too. I know a lot of you have probably tried steam before and say it has issues, but
I’ve been registered on Steam since 2004 (no, really!) And I’ve lived through all the issues it has had, I’ve seen it change from a slow piece of bloatware with little to offer, to a full featured community, store, chat service and more. In short, stop listening to the people who bitch and moan about it and try it for yourself, don’t let other people’s bad experiences and stupidity give you false preconceptions about steam.

Steps for getting free HL2DM:
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a Computer has been used to complete the free game registration, it will be marked on valve’s servers, this means each computer can ONLY BE USED ONCE for this procedure, so don’t accidentally end up screwing someone else over if you borrow their machine ok?)
  1. Install Steam, preferably on a machine with a recent (within the last 5 years) model ATI or NVIDIA card, this could probably even be a laptop.
  2. Make your steam account from the login screen, sign up for the steam community and set up your in-game avatar and profile while you are there if you want to. Write down the login username you used and your password RIGHT NOW.
  3. Keep steam running.
  4. CLICK ON THIS LINK for ATI or THIS ONE for Nvidia. (the nvidia one is primarily for the portal: first slice game, but it includes HL2DM)
  5. Click the “Get it now” button on that page to GET IT NOW.
  6. A popup box will appear, hit the “I already have steam installed!” button.
  7. Follow through the wizard, it should open up something in steam. It’ll check to see if the graphics card present in your machine is valid (first and last time it does this) after it’s done that you can swap out your card if you’ve borrowed it.
  8. If you’ve borrowed someone else’s machine to get HL2DM, you can now uninstall steam from their machine.
  9. When you’re on your machine proper, run hl2dm, try it out!

I will be quite happy to help out anyone attending the lan who has difficulty in doing this or needs more information in person.
HELL, if you give me $5 I can buy it and gift it to your account, there is NO REASON to not be able to play it except if your machine is too old for it (why are you attending a lan with a 6 year old machine? don’t bullshit me!).

Hits, Visitors and Traffic. A Milestone achieved!

I just thought I’d let everyone know that this site has surpassed 25,000 Hits.
Traffic peaked in December, when I posted all those schematics, and my blog of building my Red Box Subwoofer.

Also, someone has made the existence of this site aware to the ever infamous dirty secret of the internet, 4chan.
Or more accurately, the subdomain for peelchan, claiming that the mods are “asleep”. I administer that imageboard, and while I am not in the same timezone as the majority of 4chan, I am capable of banning anyone who breaks the rules, or just taking the subdomain down if necessary.

I admit to being a lurker on 4chan myself, having kept in the shadows for the most part since around mid 2006 (that might be inaccurate, I honestly can’t remember exactly when I started lurking), I don’t make any claims of being an oldfag, or anything really, those kinds of statements tend to just start arguments.

For the more intelligent /b/tard (yeah, that’s an oxymoron, I know), please, enjoy what I have to offer here.

For the trolls, you will find that all comment fields on my blog and the submission system for my clone have been pre-emptively disabled.
Peelchan is... well, we will see won’t we? I might just have to take it down, depending on how all of you behave.

LAN Party Test Setup Video

Wageslave once again!

My good friend ryan got me a job at a computer store the other day, I'm running the place while the boss does what he has to do.
Emmx computers is the name, it's ok, pretty quiet, the major plus is that they have a massive internet connection, 24Mbps.

Meh, wish I had more to write, gonna go watch some streaming television now :p

Radeon HD4770 Oh Wow!

My condition has improved today, throat not as bad as it was yesterday, though I’m still coughing and hacking up phlegm.
Anyway, on to today’s little subject!
I’ve been eyeing some upgrades for my ailing little crap-box of a gaming machine, mainly a new Case (I have a generic beige piece of crap case) and Graphics Cards, my main focus has been on the Nvidia 9800 GT, but this morning I have been reading about AMD’s new entry level card that seems to handle just about everything you throw at it quite well, the Radeon HD4770 (Review on PC Perspective here). We’re talking playing left 4 dead at 1600 x 1200 at 4xAA and 16XAF and getting an average of 75 Frames per second, all in a sub $100 card.
Best yet, this Card is using new 40nm process silicon, so it’s going to be the cheapest card for AMD to produce yet, and they’ve also beaten CPU manufacturers to the punch with this technology, which is another first.
I’m still tempted to just get a 9800GT, having support for CUDA and PhysX would be nice, especially since I have UT3, but if anyone asks me for recommendations, I guess the HD4770 would be a very good one to make.