Electronic Hacker Junk #1

What I’d like to do from now on is post an article every now and then about cool junk I’ve managed to obtain, stuff that an electronics hacker would like.

Yesterday I managed to get my hands on my younger brother’s dead xbox 360, now that’s not too exciting, as a dead xbox 360 is about as common as water (BURN!), but this one did not succumb to the red ring of death due to a manufacturing fault, it was due to his excessive zeal with a screwdriver that this piece of hardware met it’s end. Now the console itself yielded a few good heat sinks, fans and capacitors but that’s about it as I’m not interested in SMD components.
The power supply brick is useful though, it’s capable of putting out 12 V at 16A (so ~192W) it’s like a PC power supply, you short the two flat pins at the top of the connector (connecting 5VSB to the trigger line) which powers the supply on, (don’t do this without looking at the pinout please, this was what I had to do for MY one, but other model xboxes may have differently configured plug.
I managed to salvage the power socket from the xbox itself, so I won’t have to cut the end off the power brick’s cable to connect it to anything, which makes things simple for me. Now I just need to make a breakout board with a power switch and connection terminals, I’ll have a Lab Power Supply Brick.

I also managed to find two matching pairs of hard drives, which I have taken the lids off of and located easy connection points for the voice actuator coils, why you ask? To turn them into Hard Drive Speakers! It’s really only for fun. Might have to save that for the weekend though.