Garage Lan, Release Candidate

Ok, as you might well already know, Garage Lan was a success, for the most part.
Where I failed was in the area of consistent, all-night entertainment.
I knew I’d lost most of you guys when you started playing RO, as you were bored with everything else.
I know you guys love playing your MMORPGs, and that’s fine, but it was a telling sign that I wasn’t doing my job as host properly.

So, to rectify that, I’m recommending these games for the next event (there will be another event, probably the first saturday of march, but it could be sooner!).
PLEASE EMAIL ME, FACEBOOK, PHONE, ETC.. if you have any more good ones for this list, I think we need some more. I do check my messages daily.

  • Quake 3 Arena (V1.32 please, make sure you have the latest point release)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (since most people have mentioned this one, it’s the main game we’ll probably be playing, a must have)
  • Soldat (It’s a 2D Multiplayer shooter, get version 1.5)
  • HalfLife 2: Deathmatch (I’ll explain this one in greater depth below as a lot of people seem to have some misinformed ideas about steam and HL2)

I’ll explain the inclusion of HL2DM. Anyone can get it. This makes it a FREE GAME that is EASY TO GET through legitimate means. It also happens to be well balanced, simple, and fun, while allowing for more advanced play too. (also, you haven’t fragged someone until you’ve done it by hitting them with a toilet, trust me it’s F*&KING HILARIOUS)

I HIGHLY suggest getting a steam account, games are often discounted on holidays and promotional periods, pre-orders are easy and save you money too. I know a lot of you have probably tried steam before and say it has issues, but
I’ve been registered on Steam since 2004 (no, really!) And I’ve lived through all the issues it has had, I’ve seen it change from a slow piece of bloatware with little to offer, to a full featured community, store, chat service and more. In short, stop listening to the people who bitch and moan about it and try it for yourself, don’t let other people’s bad experiences and stupidity give you false preconceptions about steam.

Steps for getting free HL2DM:
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a Computer has been used to complete the free game registration, it will be marked on valve’s servers, this means each computer can ONLY BE USED ONCE for this procedure, so don’t accidentally end up screwing someone else over if you borrow their machine ok?)
  1. Install Steam, preferably on a machine with a recent (within the last 5 years) model ATI or NVIDIA card, this could probably even be a laptop.
  2. Make your steam account from the login screen, sign up for the steam community and set up your in-game avatar and profile while you are there if you want to. Write down the login username you used and your password RIGHT NOW.
  3. Keep steam running.
  4. CLICK ON THIS LINK for ATI or THIS ONE for Nvidia. (the nvidia one is primarily for the portal: first slice game, but it includes HL2DM)
  5. Click the “Get it now” button on that page to GET IT NOW.
  6. A popup box will appear, hit the “I already have steam installed!” button.
  7. Follow through the wizard, it should open up something in steam. It’ll check to see if the graphics card present in your machine is valid (first and last time it does this) after it’s done that you can swap out your card if you’ve borrowed it.
  8. If you’ve borrowed someone else’s machine to get HL2DM, you can now uninstall steam from their machine.
  9. When you’re on your machine proper, run hl2dm, try it out!

I will be quite happy to help out anyone attending the lan who has difficulty in doing this or needs more information in person.
HELL, if you give me $5 I can buy it and gift it to your account, there is NO REASON to not be able to play it except if your machine is too old for it (why are you attending a lan with a 6 year old machine? don’t bullshit me!).