Hits, Visitors and Traffic. A Milestone achieved!

I just thought I’d let everyone know that this site has surpassed 25,000 Hits.
Traffic peaked in December, when I posted all those schematics, and my blog of building my Red Box Subwoofer.

Also, someone has made the existence of this site aware to the ever infamous dirty secret of the internet, 4chan.
Or more accurately, the subdomain for peelchan, claiming that the mods are “asleep”. I administer that imageboard, and while I am not in the same timezone as the majority of 4chan, I am capable of banning anyone who breaks the rules, or just taking the subdomain down if necessary.

I admit to being a lurker on 4chan myself, having kept in the shadows for the most part since around mid 2006 (that might be inaccurate, I honestly can’t remember exactly when I started lurking), I don’t make any claims of being an oldfag, or anything really, those kinds of statements tend to just start arguments.

For the more intelligent /b/tard (yeah, that’s an oxymoron, I know), please, enjoy what I have to offer here.

For the trolls, you will find that all comment fields on my blog and the submission system for my bash.org clone have been pre-emptively disabled.
Peelchan is... well, we will see won’t we? I might just have to take it down, depending on how all of you behave.