I’ve been busy on friday nights with the “Otaku Anime Brigade” an Anime club in Mandurah. I’ve now managed to make a small group of friends, so I’m happy even if I’m between jobs.
We went driving around mandurah on Friday night, got bogged near Secret Harbor (stupid unmarked road!) and then just chilled in a carpark until 6 AM on the foreshore. It was awesome.

After this I was totally out of it, so I just drove home and went to bed for what would end up being 13 hours. Got up again, drove to Waroona with my brother and Ryan, dropped my brother off at home, drove BACK out to waroona again, stayed the night. According to Ryan’s girlfirend Mary, “HARRY IS AN ANGRY MAN AND HE HATES ME”.

I need to be less lazy and post more.

Also, Chris is a REDACTED.