Epromr 2.0

The epromr 2 project is an EPROM reader/writer originally designed by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards. This page is a record of the fact that I have built his design myself and verified that it works as advertised. The software is a little clunky and written for DOS, so you need to use an older machine with Windows 9X or DOS to actually use it, since 2000 and XP will throw a wobbler over accessing the printer port directly without using a driver.
I used this to rip the ROMS from a few NES cartridges, re-write an older computer's BIOS, and then put it in a box in the shed and I have not touched it for around 3 years now.

Note: This thing was a pain in the ass and it no longer works correctly on modern parallel ports, no matter what settings you play around with in the bios, also it's really slow.
I want a Willem USB eprom programmer to replace this clunker.


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