PowerMac G4 Power Supply

A 2003 "Mirrored Drive Door" PowerMac G4 came into my possession during 2008, and at first it was a great little machine, it could even run Leopard. Then disaster struck and the (Custom, non-standard) power supply died, which appears to be a common problem with this particular model. So what did I do? I bought a new ATX power supply for a PC, got out my soldering iron and made a new one.

The process is pretty simple, I removed the PowerMac's internal power supply cable and re-soldered it onto the ATX power supply. The real problem is finding space to mount the power supply that does not interfere with the PCI expansion cards and the graphics card. Luckily there is just enough clearance if I mount it on the top inside of the case, I bolted it directly to the frame, although the machine will never be able to use full length 64 Bit PCI cards again, which is a small sacrifice to make.

I'll also never be able to run Apple's old studio displays off of the ADC port, because the new Power Supply does not provide 24 Volts to run it, Firewire Power also does not work because of this. I plan to fix these problems shortly with a secondary power supply.

I would also like to purchase a CPU upgrade for it from sonnet, but I'll need to consider it carefully since it's over $1000 when you convert the price to australian dollars, it could also do with a USB 2.0 card.


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