Wish List

Here's a list of the things I would like, In no particular order.
  • Sound system upgrade for my new car, got my tax return recently so this is doable.

Universe Ending Wishes

These are things that, if they happen, the universe is probably ending. Once again the order is not important, in fact all of these are equally important.
  • A Girlfriend, so ronery...

Completed Wishes

Sometimes wishes do get granted, even to me.
  • Better speakers for my car, the $30 Supercheap Auto branded ones I got have shit themselves. Update: FUSION BRAND SPEAKERS ARE AWESOME, NEW ZEALAND MAKES EXCELLENT SPEAKERS.
  • A small active subwoofer to go under the driver's seat in my car.
  • Some 1TB Western Digital GreenPower Hard Drives, to replace the 500GB ones I have.
  • A 32GB iPhone 3GS, because the 16GB 3G is laggy, 3GS has a faster processor/more ram/support for the new in ear headphone volume control.
  • A 320GB 2.5" hard disk (9.5mm height), for the macbook pro, so that I can have enough space to dual boot Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.
  • Issue #1 of Deadpool
  • Issue #1 of Transmetropolitan (Recently purchased every volume of it, is awesome)
  • Hirako Shinji's clothes, Hair, and Mask. Additional epicness: I have his zanpakutou too!
  • A new Socket AM3 motherboard to replace the socket AM2 board in my Gaming Rig
  • A Phenom X4, because having two cores for gaming is not enough, quad cores are actually cheap enough now.
  • 2GB of DDR2 or DDR3 ram, depending on what motherboard I get. (DDR3, for upgrade path)
  • A replacement SuperDrive for the MacBook Pro, Mum surprised me with an external slimline drive :)
  • HOLY CRAP I HAVE A JOB NOW, Now all I need to do is KEEP IT.
  • Holy crud, I actually purchased a new car.
  • More storage space for my Drobo, I'm nearly at 50% usage and anything over that makes me nervous.
  • Fuck Microsoft and Halo, you are dead to me, Chief.